Roya introduction

Roya was born in Kabul and remained in Afghanistan during the Taliban period. She hopes to continue her education and eventually gain a masters degree. She wants to be a poet.

Photographs by Roya

Ministry of Telecommunications

Nine photos taken by Roya in Kabul.

If I Don’t Write

desert tree

I asked my soul last night,
“What happens to you if you don’t write?”
My soul was in deep thought…

My Crazy Room


There’s my childhood with my dolls
And the small truck I pulled on the floor
The smell of food coming from the kitchen

A World of Luck

two women under a blue sky

I would have the world of luck
in my foolish pockets.

My Shadow

after the storm

You are my golden sky after the storm
And my strength.
You are unique in this world.

Forgive Me, River!


As we went further I was amazed at the big rocks in the river, and the river hugging the mountain. We found a small park with some tall trees next to the river. In their shadow we sat on the lawn. The sound of the water was exactly like a love song.



You left, and my eyes followed you.
All of my body had eyes to look at you
And all of my cells were hands to hug you.

Museum of Memories

old letters

When I see my childhood clothes I remember my sunburned face and the pain of my nose when I washed it with warm water.



I want to have my poetry book / In the front seat of the car / And wear glasses that will let / Me see all men / Changed to women. / I don’t care who says what.