To Stay or Leave Afghanistan a Difficult Choice for Many


The ones who migrate illegally do not know what awaits them, such as losing their beloved daughters, sons, sisters, and brothers along the way.

Sound of Death


Suddenly another loud sound
As rocks and buildings crashed
As the earthquake roared
The landslide smashing
Into houses and schools

Two Girls, Same Destiny: Rukhshana and Farkhunda


Rukhshana was a 19-year-old girl who family was forcing her to marry an 80-year-old man.

Stoning Rukhshana


Why is a 19-year-old girl stoned to death?

Good Days Are Coming


Just keep dreaming
Never give up
Life will be shiny

Women’s Roles Are Changing in Afghan Society


Three women in the working world tell the Afghan Women’s Writing Project how they are opening new doors to employment for Afghan women in society.

An Earthquake Reminds Us That Life Is Brief


If we look to our religion, most of our people say that the earthquake is a sign from Almighty God.

When the Earthquake Struck in Kabul on Monday


The boys started running and shouting, “Move! Move! It is earthquake.”

When Will There Be Peace in Afghanistan?


Kunduz needs to know that the people in the other provinces of Afghanistan are thinking about them and wishing them peace.

Cries for My Country


My lovely country
We don’t want to go back 30 years
Keep us safe
We have no other place