The Unfulfilled Dream of the Afghan Human Rights Queen


When she accompanied her husband King Amanullah Khan on a trip to Iran in 1928, she did not cover herself. This was so unacceptable in Iran that Iranian clergy insisted that Raza Shah, their king, order Queen Soraya to cover herself from head to foot with the hijab.

Woman of Our World


When they speak,
men call her sister, but they ask her
something else…

I Always Try to Be Happy


I can’t ignore the bad things that happen in the world, but these things should not stop us from having some happiness in our daily lives.

Injured Soul


I dangle back and forth aimlessly
My pain is profound, too deep to be healed
Sorrow made its nest in my soul

Was There Corruption in the Court?


The government has not dealt with the root problems of bribery in our government or courts. There is no overnight solution.

A Girl in the Masjid


The clock turns 8:45 p.m.,
and I hear Mullah’s Adhan.
I need to get ready, for now I’m in
a rush.

What an Afghan Girl Learned when the Schools Closed


I spent all those five years at home. My father helped me with my lessons because he believed that one day the situation would change and I would be able to get my education.

I Panic


I panic and keep myself hidden in a burqa
so you won’t sin when you see my innocent body.

Afghan Men Can Wear Underwear in Public but a Woman Cannot Wear a Short Dress


Men lash out at entertainment programs on TV channels and at women singers. But they themselves do buggery and bring young boys to dance at their wedding parties.

Fed Up


Dear Allah
Are you seeing all your servants who
made themselves lord of this land?