Change for a New Generation


When people wanted to write a letter or read a document, they asked the clergy—the village’s Mullah.

I Saw the Hell


The lewd monster of suicide was only thinking about how to go to paradise, find his dream of angels, and end his lust. In his point of view, he had served his God and sacrificed himself for God.



The cruel bomb attacks have been their lullaby,
The song of their youth in their memory.

Love Song of Winter


The winter came with
singing and dancing
bringing the message of peace

Sadia S. introduction

Sadia S. was born in 1994 and spent her childhood in Peshawar, Pakistan. She is a university student in Kabul and she wants to be a writer.

Love Is in Exile


When my heart is knocked
I sneak under a shell
Close my eyes and
I weep for my heart

The Gap That Leads to Terrorism


People need to understand that if you burn our Holy Qur’an, or mock our Prophet of Islam, sensitive Muslims—often young men without adequate knowledge about Islam—take insult, become angry, and want to retaliate. It pushes them into the hands of terrorists’ groups.

For Bamiyan


Bamiyan, you are the best place I’ve ever seen.
Your beautiful green lands and hills
Your high, snow-capped mountains
Your highland villages with kind, hospitable people.

The World in My Imagination


Some wear smiles
Some wear tears

Afghanistan My Poor Country


Where we don’t know if a good bye
will be our last good bye