Dark Wednesday for Afghan Media


The victims, whether they are ordinary people or a soldier or a police officer, will be buried with honor and respect and everyone will declare sympathy. What happens to the brutal, bestial, and barbaric Taliban bodies?

The Persistence of Zarghona


She did not want to marry. She wanted to continue her education and graduate from school.

We Could Change


I repeat to myself
no, no, no…
This is not a well of darkness;
it is a colorful garden
with different trees
various fruits
and I have unique responsibilities

Grab the Pen and Write


Write about the men who wear a suit
and the face of a devil.

My Hero


From you l learned I should be proud to be a woman
I learned to fight patriarchy

Gender Violence Follows a Refugee Across the Continent


In 2012, Pari took her children and fled to Turkey to apply for asylum. Almost four years later, she is still waiting for her case to be finalized.

My Country’s People Stand Up


Precious, more precious than anything
on earth, my country, a people with only beauty
in their hearts, the people—the best you’ll find in your life,
each one bright, each one rare as a beautiful flower.

Leaving Afghanistan for a New Country


Sometimes, even if it is hard, you have to leave something to get to something. Coming to a new country is like beginning a new adventure.

The Station


Like my hands
and my bag,
the station is empty,
and the train is leaving

When Will We Have Peace?


When will this fighting end? When will we taste the sweetness of peace?