When I Feel Alone


With you beside me
I become mighty

I Dream of a Healthy Afghan Society


I want to create a national hospital in Kabul with extensions to all the provinces in Afghanistan. In this way people in Afghanistan will not have to go to other countries like Pakistan or Iran for treatment.

An Endless Ambition


I wish my blue sky
Was full of light stars
Free of fire
Clear of smoke

Sameya introduction

Sameya spent her early years in Iran as a refugee from the wars at home. She comes from a family that values education. She is a university student in her home province in western Afghanistan and she hopes to get a master’s degree.

Watching the News


“You know what, Sameya, it is not good to generalize and judge the whole nationality by only a few of them who are involved in the conflict.” He added, “It is improper to judge a nationality.”

Teaching Math Didn’t Add up Right


Candidates take an exam, the department reviews the exams, and says the results will be known after one or two weeks and those who pass can teach in a school.

Decent by Nature


As surely as the sun raises its head, we women are blessed.

Sadia S. introduction

Sadia S. was born in 1994 and spent her childhood in Peshawar, Pakistan. She is a university student in Kabul and she wants to be a writer.

Going Home Again


We arrived at night. It was so dark, so quiet. The next morning I got up and looked at the place I had not seen for so many years.

Being a Girl in Afghanistan


Instead of encouraging me, the enemies of education for girls burn our books.