Gang Rape


She was 18—
returning home from a wedding,
her delicate body exhausted from dancing
and laughing, unaware of the endless night ahead.



I want to live my life like a tree—
grow without limitation,
bloom with no explanation, regulation
and die—naturally.

A Lovely Evening at Home


At 7:30 we pray, then we have dinner and at 9 there is a TV serial called Feriha. We girls love it.

Flood Is on the Way


The thunder threatens,
rapes the women who live this war.

Child of War


Every boom reminded me how I spent my entire beautiful childhood in a war, how we hid under the basement stairs, crying and in hopeless fear of the Taliban.

Sabera’s Story of Resistance


Sabera’s tragic life doesn’t fit onto one or two blank sheets of paper. But I admire her ambition to continue life despite so many traumas.

Who Will Be President?


I cannot say that the future of the country will be in our hands, but I can say, “Let’s do something now. Let’s not give up.” I remember that slogan, “The race is not over because I haven’t won yet!”

In Lament of Gaza


Gaza sinks in blood, but the world community is glad.
Arab leaders keep silent—slaves of the West.

Sudaba introduction

Sudaba was born in 1991, graduated from university with a degree in political science, and is currently pursuing an MBA degree while working in a western province. She likes to write poetry.

More Parliamentary Greed


I remembered the barefoot children in the street, the girls and women who beg from morning to night, and the poor men carrying loads on their backs so they can bring home a loaf of bread to their children.