My Town


Arrogant Suicidal Monsters! The dinosaurs of our century!

Good Fairies


When you marry a wife you carry
Less sadness
For she carries half for you.

Talking to Myself


I said to myself: Have patience
No! said the storms in my head

Everyone Says Eid Mubarak! During This Holiday


During the Eid holiday, my entire family wakes up early in the morning and everyone dresses in the new clothes that the tailor sewed for us especially for Eid.

Eid Brings Us Happiness and Laughter


Muslim people in Afghanistan and all over the world are getting ready for the Eid-e-Qurban this week.

Sitara B. introduction

As a child Sitara B. could not attend school during the Taliban years, but read everything her father could bring to her at home, starting with the Qu’ran. Her reading of books and papers about women and Islam led to a keen interest in helping Afghan women. She is majoring in social sciences.

I Am an Orphan But Not the Only One


I am an orphan, but not the only one.
I lost parents, but I am not the only one;
I beg for peace, love and solidarity

My Laptop, a Gift from My Parents


Technology has changed our civilization, in business, banking, calculating, and in countless other ways.

My Nightmare


I dream I am sitting with family
all of us together, laughing at a TV show,
and all is peaceful;
then, suddenly—Taliban appear in the hills

Spozhmai introduction

Born in 1995, Spozhmai grew up Helmand province and Kabul. She hopes to become a teacher.