A Good Father, a Hero


My father had the best smile. I called him Padar Jan. Father. He would reply Bale, dukhtarum. Yes, my daughter.

The Power of Our Pens: American U. to Build a Mosque for Women


I wrote about this, how women were not welcome at the new mosque for men.

Mami, Bobo, Maman, Heaven Is Under Your Feet


Mother is the loveliest word in the world. She is a huge gift from Allah to us.

I’m Talking to You


Oh corruption!
You are the darkness!
The long road filled with horror

The Woman in Me Is My Mother


Without an alarm clock, she limited her sleep to five hours a night, rising early each morning to wake us with a jug of fresh juice in her hand.

These Days


These days
I am afraid to go on social media
I don’t have strength for more bad news
There is silence in Afghanistan

A Dark Night


A nightmare
The clock tick tocks
My heart beats fast



One wing for peace
Another wing for stability
Together they fly

Letter to an Orphan


I know you lost your father and mother
To war, to suicide attacks
And bomb blasts.
I know you wish it had been you who died

The Woman in the Mirror


I see you overwhelmed by unfairness
But you rise again and again