Defining the Women’s Vote in Afghanistan

elderly voter in herat

If women voted independently—and were they to choose the candidate who promised to improve women’s rights and develop the country—everything could change.

Who Can Win? What the Campaign Slogans Don’t Say

ashraf ghani ahmadzai

The people championing these candidates are former warlord commanders and drug smugglers and criminals.

The Candidate from Kandahar

gul agha sherzai

His father Aji Abdul Latif ran a tea shop in Kandahar and became a famous Mujahideen commander, and he joined his father in the Mujahideen in southern Afghanistan fighting the Soviet invasion.

Sadia introduction

Sadia grew up in a large family in southern Afghanistan. She believes all families have happiness and sadness, and her dream is to create a happy family when she marries.

Registering Voters in the Northern Villages

voter registration

The custom was for the village leader and his family to register first. After they get their election cards, other people come.

Elections: My Point of View

2014 registration cards

What I am looking for in the campaigns is someone with real words coming out of his or her mouth—something that reflects instincts and love for our country and countrymen.

A Different Kind of Day


The radio talks of successful women.
It talks of women in Parliament.
It talks of girls going to school.
Hearing this good news brings me hope.

I Am an Afghan Woman


This story began from me
Me as a woman
Me as a daughter
Me as a mother
I am an Afghan woman

My Mother’s Extraordinary Life


In the absence of basic amenities, my mother had no choice but to work from sunrise to late at night.

Being a Girl


I cherish the beauty of my dreams,
The beauty of my mind,
My heart,
My soul.