Farkhunda’s Force


Calling themselves patrons of Islam
They were men
Mark them forever as traitors

I Am Sorry, My Sister


I want to write your name in red
with black coal: Marta-yer Farkhunda.
We will rename the Shah do Shamshera
Farkhunda Road to honor your memory

The New Fears in Kabul


The difference between Afghan police and the brutal Taliban is little but their uniform.

Tears in Kabul


She will remain a heroine, a symbol of integrity and honesty to the worship of her creator.

Seeking Justice for Farkhunda


It feels to me like all of Kabul cries for her cruel death.

What Should the President Talk About?


I would cover defense, security and infrastructure – three broad areas that if strengthened will benefit all Afghan society.

Wake Up Against the Taliban


When they don’t move ahead, the Taliban takes advantage of the political statement and there will never be peace.

Why Only a Day?


Why don’t you greet us every day, saying
“Happy women’s day!”

On International Women’s Day


How shall I celebrate my day?
Should I observe it with awards
For successful women?
Or sit with the victims of violence?

Living with the In-Laws  


In most families, a bride is strictly observed by her new in-laws regarding the way she talks, sleeps, eats, walks, and many other things from day one, especially by the mother-in-law.