Safia introduction

Safia is from Kandahar, one of eight children, and would love to become manager of a company so that she could help women workers.

Forced Marriage – Shame of Divorce


I was in the kitchen preparing tea while the devil guests were playing a game of hide and seek with my life. A smile appeared on my lips every time I thought of Javid. I was clueless about the decision being made outside the kitchen.

From Kandahar to Kabul—May 2, 2010

burning bus

We sat there for ten minutes when suddenly a vast explosion occurred, the sky was covered with dark smoke, and our ears deafened. The explosion seemed as loud as an atomic bomb. We could see big objects like parts of some vehicles and human bodies flying with dark smoke in the sky. Thanks to almighty Allah that we left our bus when we did.

I am…

I am the daughter of a land in south central Asia / The daughter of the strong and hospitable people of Afghanistan / I belong to a nation which suffered three bloody decades in war / Which left us millions of orphans and widows

Winter School Days in Kandahar

The arrival of winter reminds me of those rainy days when I was going to school / Sleepless from the cold nights and the tup-tup sound of raindrops leaking from the roof / Cold air through the broken windows waking me up from my warm bed

A Special Eid Celebration

colored goat

Eid al-Fitr — the Festival of Fast-Breaking — is a special celebration for the ending of Ramadan month, after Muslims fast for almost 30 days. This last Eid was different than all others for me.

A couple of days prior to Eid, my father purchased cakes, biscuits, drinks, dry fruits, sweets and fresh fruits to serve guests on Eid’s occasion.