Tears in Kabul


She will remain a heroine, a symbol of integrity and honesty to the worship of her creator.

What Should the President Talk About?


I would cover defense, security and infrastructure – three broad areas that if strengthened will benefit all Afghan society.

Living with the In-Laws  


In most families, a bride is strictly observed by her new in-laws regarding the way she talks, sleeps, eats, walks, and many other things from day one, especially by the mother-in-law.

Behind the Mottos an Identity


Two weeks ago it seemed as if life was fading from this country, but since the announcement of the president it seems the world has returned to the Afghan capital and people are hopeful once again about the future in Afghanistan.

On Marriage and Forgiveness


Why can’t couples accept each other’s differences? Humans have different likes and dislikes, different habits, and different tastes.

A Woman Is…

Tajik family

Without her, there is no product,
no gift,
no world.

Saifora introduction

Saifora is a women’s rights activist in Afghanistan. She was born in Kabul in the early 1980s, the sixth child of a family that went to Pakistan when she was one. She received a bachelor’s from Punjab University and a master’s in Islamabad.

Elections: My Point of View

2014 registration cards

What I am looking for in the campaigns is someone with real words coming out of his or her mouth—something that reflects instincts and love for our country and countrymen.

My Mother’s Extraordinary Life


In the absence of basic amenities, my mother had no choice but to work from sunrise to late at night.

Uncertainty of the Heart

woman and young girl praying

Why is it that when you want to laugh, you can’t. And then sometimes when you want to cry, you find no tears to shed?