A Different Kind of Day


The radio talks of successful women.
It talks of women in Parliament.
It talks of girls going to school.
Hearing this good news brings me hope.


sitara in herat

Sitara, you shine in Afghanistan’s sky,
make your small house bright.
I heard the news about your cutting—
how you lost your ears, nose and lips.

I Am a Girl


My mother wants to
send me to school.
My father wants to
sell me for dollars.

Where Am I?

women walking in kabul

I am looking to find myself in all the crowded streets.
Where am I?
Am I in the street of love, of education?

The Problem of Love Marriages


Soraya’s family finally agreed to consider the proposal of marriage and said, “Okay, come tomorrow for our final answer.”

I Am Alone

woman in sandstorm

My life is listening to rules of the game they play with us.

Mark My Word—Spread My Words


“Father, Father,” I say. “I want to be a doctor.”
He laughs at me.
“You are a woman. You should wash clothes.”

Let Us Forgive Now

girl and mountain

Let us not be angry. It is not our fault to be a mother at 13,
Let us be a kind mother now, and give opportunity to our children.

She Is Gone Now


I want Frozan’s story to stand as an example of the life Afghan women face as we celebrate the 8th of March as Women’s International Day.

Stop Violence Against Women


Living in Afghanistan, I have witnessed many kinds of violence during my lifetime. Afghan men always say that they respect women more than men in Western countries. This may be true, but not within their own families.