Gender Violence Follows a Refugee Across the Continent


In 2012, Pari took her children and fled to Turkey to apply for asylum. Almost four years later, she is still waiting for her case to be finalized.

Four Brothers Sell Their Sister for $20,000


A forty-three-year-old man was looking for a new young wife and he spoke to her brothers about Shafiqa. He already had a wife and ten children.

Injured Soul


I dangle back and forth aimlessly
My pain is profound, too deep to be healed
Sorrow made its nest in my soul

Love Is in Exile


When my heart is knocked
I sneak under a shell
Close my eyes and
I weep for my heart

Sabera’s Story of Resistance


Sabera’s tragic life doesn’t fit onto one or two blank sheets of paper. But I admire her ambition to continue life despite so many traumas.

Forgotten by God


Masouma, living in the Turkish city of Nevsehir, recalls how when she and her family arrived in Turkey after passing through the dangerous mountains, they hoped for a better life than what they had in Iran.

Defining the Women’s Vote in Afghanistan

elderly voter in herat

If women voted independently—and were they to choose the candidate who promised to improve women’s rights and develop the country—everything could change.

Since You Left

girl with needle

You were a lie, a ghost, a dream
Walking in a silent day


woman and man

Why do you walk two steps ahead of me?
I am more powerful than you.

The Fourth Child

child in arms

Putting her right hand on her big belly she closes her eyes and prays, “You have to be a baby boy, please.”