Grab the Pen and Write


Write about the men who wear a suit
and the face of a devil.

I Am an Orphan But Not the Only One


I am an orphan, but not the only one.
I lost parents, but I am not the only one;
I beg for peace, love and solidarity

The Woman in the Mirror


I see you overwhelmed by unfairness
But you rise again and again

Change Begins at Home


Women in Afghanistan have to stand up and help themselves.



I want to live my life like a tree—
grow without limitation,
bloom with no explanation, regulation
and die—naturally.

Child of War


Every boom reminded me how I spent my entire beautiful childhood in a war, how we hid under the basement stairs, crying and in hopeless fear of the Taliban.

Tonight Is My Night

dark room with candles

Tonight is a night for poetry, love, and honesty.
I have my candle, my deep, dark night and
the lonely moon in a big sky.

Dad, I Miss You

father and child

I’m Proud to be your daughter.
I have a long way to go,
but you are in my heart, in my soul.
You guide me on my journey

I Am an Afghan Woman


This story began from me
Me as a woman
Me as a daughter
Me as a mother
I am an Afghan woman

Peace Is a Dream in My Land

bombing aftermath

I lost my pen in blood.
I lost my knowledge in ignorance.
I lost my way in a street filled with dead bodies.