Love Song of Winter


The winter came with
singing and dancing
bringing the message of peace

In Lament of Gaza


Gaza sinks in blood, but the world community is glad.
Arab leaders keep silent—slaves of the West.

A Tale of Two Teenagers: Malala and Anisa

polio treatment

My heart breaks; my eyes weep; my body is burned out for our Afghan girls who are losing their lives in the fight for girls’ rights in Afghanistan.

I Apologize


I apologize not because I am a weak person,
or because I am shy,
or powerless, or immature, or poor.

The Conservative Jihad on our Media

Abdul Satar Khawasi

By declaring jihad against the media, women will continue to be repressed, but without the world knowing.

Islam and the Anti-Violence Law


People always argue that Islam says a man can marry four wives, but they don’t know circumstances under which God gave this permission.

Why the Girls Get Sold

naghma mohammed

The news was about a six-year-old Afghan girl who was going to have to marry a seventeen-year-old teenage boy because her father didn’t have money for his wife’s medical treatment.

On My Way to University


Suddenly the man began abusing her by yelling, “You slut! Women have money to buy dresses and make-up, but you do not have money to buy the holy Quran.”

The Taliban Committed Suicide Near My Office Today

Taliban attack Jan. 21, 2013

I still see the scare in that little boy’s eyes and saw how his heart was beating fast. His kindness saved me from possibly dying during the attack.

Escape Abroad: Afghans Leave Their Country

kam air kabul

Recently a group of staff members of the Afghan parliament traveled to Europe to participate in a five-day leadership workshop. But in what seems to be a regular occurrence, four of the five did not return to Afghanistan.