Winter Comes


Near our house, a ten-year-old boy sells maize
His face is innocent and kind
His eyes are sinless and curious
He is smart and spry

Dark Wednesday for Afghan Media


The victims, whether they are ordinary people or a soldier or a police officer, will be buried with honor and respect and everyone will declare sympathy. What happens to the brutal, bestial, and barbaric Taliban bodies?

Seized Birds


Called mother, sister, wife
Lips sealed
Voices stifled
Cannot speak without a man’s permission

Two Girls, Same Destiny: Rukhshana and Farkhunda


Rukhshana was a 19-year-old girl who family was forcing her to marry an 80-year-old man.

When the Earthquake Struck in Kabul on Monday


The boys started running and shouting, “Move! Move! It is earthquake.”

My Town


Arrogant Suicidal Monsters! The dinosaurs of our century!

The Unfulfilled Dream of the Afghan Human Rights Queen


When she accompanied her husband King Amanullah Khan on a trip to Iran in 1928, she did not cover herself. This was so unacceptable in Iran that Iranian clergy insisted that Raza Shah, their king, order Queen Soraya to cover herself from head to foot with the hijab.

Woman of Our World


When they speak,
men call her sister, but they ask her
something else…

Afghan Men Can Wear Underwear in Public but a Woman Cannot Wear a Short Dress


Men lash out at entertainment programs on TV channels and at women singers. But they themselves do buggery and bring young boys to dance at their wedding parties.

The Flawed Trial of Farkhunda’s Killers


I fear that the real leaders in the murder of Farkhunda will never be tried.