Where Have You Gone?

woman walking motion shot

There is something to share…
There is something to tell…
but always a wall in front of me

I Saw You

purple garden

I saw you in my dreams
I saw that you were happy
I saw you had purple flowers in your hands

Gold Hidden in the River

gold in river

I wish I wrote my destiny
With silver colors of happiness
That shined in my life

Thinking of You


Always have you in my mind and soul
Thinking of you every minute
Waiting for you

My Village


After that I relax / On the ground under the pear tree / And nap. / There is nothing new. / Tomorrow it is the same.

I Wish My Country Was Not My Love

Afghanistan mountains

I wish Afghanistan was not a country / But instead a dry land / And no one lived in it. / I wish my country was not my love / I suffer from its pains.


earth at night

When I woke up / I was in your grave / and tears / fell from my eyes

If You Kill Me


I won’t come back / I won’t come back / It makes no difference if I die / It makes no difference if all of you forget me / I won’t come back to you

First Words


Sweetheart! / Kind sun, I cannot forget / your first words, / melting with love, passion / spoken to me / in colors and with flowers.

Advice to My Heart


Now, my heart,
you know nature,
humans—who we are.