Far From You

Far From You

Far from you, / life is winter. / Far from you, / the sky of my heart rains. / My lips deny me my smile. / I am a jungle of burnt trees. / Come, find me here.

Tabasom introduction

Tabasom does not know how old she is, except that she is older than 20. She remained in Afghanistan during the Taliban period and currently lives at home in a Taliban-held province. She wants to work but is afraid, since her aunt, while working as a nurse, was killed by the Taliban.

Do You Know?

I love you / Do you know? / Will you stay with me? / You are always with me / I write for you / I write for you


When you smile / Pains escape to the mountains / Smile / When you smile / The pomegranate flowers smile too / Smile / I decided not to be rude again