Their Hearts Were Made of Stone


In the Dari language, farkhunda means “happiness.”

Zamarad introduction

Zamarad is a university student who was born in Kabul, but her family left Afghanistan during the Taliban years for Pakistan. She attended school there until the family returned several years later.



I am not promising
I will not change

Zahra W. introduction

Zahra W. lives in Pakistan as a refugee with her family. She has two younger sisters.

I Moan


How long will we write about the
suffering of Afghan women?
When will it stop?



I once read how if a person prays during a rainfall, the prayer will be heard.

Zahra H. introduction

Zahra H. was born in 1994 in Iran, the daughter of a shopkeeper, and her family returned to Bamiyan province when she was ten. She works in refugee assistance and she would like to get a master’s degree and become a university teacher.

My Multilingual Country


Hazaregi has some words that don’t exist in standard Dari, like samtoo, which means “very much.” Joor is a Hazaregi word for “hand.”

Dividing the Power for Unity


I believe the new government that has just been formed by a political agreement rather than a transparent vote count, will try to bring national unity by trying to bring together the ethnic groups.

Once in a While


Come. Be like the stars—
Start a new life full of love
for our homeland,
for our children who live here.