I Am a Hazara


They killed you
Because you were Hazara
Because you had almond eyes

The Taliban in My Dream


These are the most terrible days for everybody in Afghanistan. Yesterday I met one of my neighbors who wanted to leave the country. He was saying it is like suicide to stay here.

Please Hear Me


I love that boy, I want to get married
I am honest, that is not a sin
to break the vow I am engaged in
I ran away with my love

Our Souls


Our souls
Remain a mystery to mankind
As we leave them behind
They have invisible secrets

White Flag


When I think about change —
a change that can make the world different
a change in women that can make us laugh
allowing us to make a green life —
I see a white flag.

The Way They Keep Afghan Girls out of School


In recent years, gas poisoning incidents have been reported in girls’ schools in many provinces , but there were never any conclusive investigations into who was behind them.

Mother Land


Help me make a house
Full of peace
And pride

Why Good Girls Never Choose Love


“Traditional customs create many problems in Afghanistan. People do not believe in love.” —Zahra W.



When they leave,
Let them go happily.
For their purpose is fulfilled.



It’s okay if there is a storm inside of you.