I once read how if a person prays during a rainfall, the prayer will be heard.

Zahra H. introduction

Zahra H. was born in 1994 in Iran, the daughter of a shopkeeper, and her family returned to Bamiyan province when she was ten. She works in refugee assistance and she would like to get a master’s degree and become a university teacher.

My Multilingual Country


Hazaregi has some words that don’t exist in standard Dari, like samtoo, which means “very much.” Joor is a Hazaregi word for “hand.”

Dividing the Power for Unity


I believe the new government that has just been formed by a political agreement rather than a transparent vote count, will try to bring national unity by trying to bring together the ethnic groups.

Once in a While


Come. Be like the stars—
Start a new life full of love
for our homeland,
for our children who live here.

Is My Life My Right?

eyes close up 2

When I want to complain or want ask for something, people say to me, “Breathing is enough for you. You should be grateful that you are alive, so don’t ask anything more.”

Hope for Spring in Our Hearts


Look how beautifully she has drawn
the flowers and trees. Everywhere—
beautiful buds and blooms.

Raise Your Voice for Women’s Sports

girls playing soccer

The trainer warned her that if she fell again and felt ashamed of herself she would be kicked out of the practice and she would have to run around the gym by herself until the end of training.

The Blank Vote

five boys

If you don’t have a candidate, a white vote shows that you are a citizen of Afghanistan and that the fate and future of Afghanistan are important to you.

Zakia H. introduction

Zakia H. lives in a village in the central highlands of Afghanistan. She was married a year ago and has a young son.