Me and the Night


It is night and it is not raining
But my eyes burn and rain tears

I Did Not Want to Marry That Boy


I got the courage to tell my father I did not want to marry. My father did not agree.

People Wanted the Death Penalty for Farkhunda’s Killers


The families and friends of the murderers do not agree that the accused men should be either executed or sentenced to lengthy prison terms. It appears they did something to persuade the court to change the sentences.

Zahra T. introduction

Zahra T. grew up in Kabul in the post-Taliban era. She is a high school student and she hopes to study abroad in the future.

Brave and Strong Afghan Women, Raise Your Voices!


Women in Afghanistan cannot even speak their hearts to a family member. As I write now about the problems of women in Afghanistan, my hand trembles.

The Rain


I want to sing
Songs about everything
When you are with me.

A Man Like No Other


Someday when I grow up
I want to be like you.

The Good Father


The good father is a role model for his children
He adores his daughters
He does not despise them for being girls

My Life Guide


She was beaten up many times by Taliban while going to work in Herat city because she was outside without a male family member.

What Should I Write?


What should I write about Afghan women?
Their lives or deaths
Dreams or nightmares
Happiness or sadness