The Blank Vote

five boys

If you don’t have a candidate, a white vote shows that you are a citizen of Afghanistan and that the fate and future of Afghanistan are important to you.

Zakia H. introduction

Zakia H. lives in a village in the central highlands of Afghanistan. She was married a year ago and has a young son.

How Elections Use Quotas for Women

women voters 2

The only way for women to keep their seats in the provincial council is to have widespread participation by women voters on Election Day.

Never Think It’s Too Late


If your heart wants to do something
Do it
But don’t hurry

Glimpse of Love


With my blind eye,
I rain the words:
I pray for you with my
Rosary, torn like my heart

Destiny’s Choices


Don’t put down your pen – write your heart’s speech.
You can change your life with positive thought.

Is Studying Astronomy an Impossible Wish?


When I look above, I see a different world that I wish I was born in. In this saintly place, I feel that I am Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī, a famous astronomer from centuries ago in my hometown of Ghazni.

How I Catch Love


When readers from all over the world read my words, I am understood as a woman. When Afghans work together to bring peace in Afghanistan, love catches me.

Zohra W. introduction

Zohra W. is a high school student in a city in southwest Afghanistan.

Arrive to Culmination

lone cumulus

I hope to be dauntless!
More dauntless than all the people in the world!