Taliban Attacks Must Not Prevent Our Freedom of Speech


A free media is one of the achievements over the last decade in Afghanistan and I was very sad when I heard about the bombing attack on the TOLO TV van that killed seven people.

Perfect Day


When girls and boys walk to school together
Participate in world competitions
Play in parks without fear

Buddha Collapsed out of Shame


Nobody knew where the sound came from
Maybe that is the sound of the night owl
Or maybe the buzzing of a bee

My Pen


Should I lose
my pen, or find no paper to write, I wonder,
sometimes, what will happen? What I will do?

You Left Me Here Lonely


Tell me what to do
All my dreams are about you

I Am a Woman


I am a mother raising my children
I am a women; a helping hand for all
As you heard many times
Paradise is under my feet

Daughter of My Motherland


They called me bawdy and humiliating
And they rejected me
Because I wrote clearly
The words that should be written

I Am Tired


I am the one of the children who grew up
Wanting to change the world

Enough of War and Pain


How much more can my country tolerate?
How much longer will we not speak up?
How many suicide bombings will it take?

Everyone’s House


Let us know the earth is
Everyone’s house
Say enough to the war