I once read how if a person prays during a rainfall, the prayer will be heard.

Once in a While


Come. Be like the stars—
Start a new life full of love
for our homeland,
for our children who live here.

Never Think It’s Too Late


If your heart wants to do something
Do it
But don’t hurry

Destiny’s Choices


Don’t put down your pen – write your heart’s speech.
You can change your life with positive thought.

How I Catch Love


When readers from all over the world read my words, I am understood as a woman. When Afghans work together to bring peace in Afghanistan, love catches me.

If Love Took Over My Country

Exploding car

What would happen…
If love took over my country?

End of Semester in Kabul

kabul university

At one of the last days during exams in December I was at the library using the Internet, when a boy came and asked me to use my ID and to please print his file.


Helmand bazaar

Life is always a state of movement.
Life passes.

A Glimpse of Naveed, the One with the Uncombed Hair

red smoke

A girl was there sweeping the yard, and when she saw him looking at her, she stood up and asked to be excused from these rowdy boys. Then she closed the door.

Yalda J. introduction

Yalda J. graduated in 2009 with a degree from a university in Kabul and now works for a private company. She attends creative and professional seminars and wants to continue to improve her writing.