Orange Day Every Day


Even when offenders are jailed, they can be released after only a few days. They pay the police to release them. In Persian it is called rishwat and in English it is called a fine.

Love in Afghanistan


Before marriage, a girl dreams….
I will find a man who …
loves me more than anyone in the world

A Prayer for Grandmother

Michaeliskirche, Hamburg, Deutschland

That would be my paradise.
I wish I had wings to fly there and stay just for few seconds,
see my Grandma, and hold her hands tight.

From Islamabad on 9-11 to Herat on 9-21

burhanuddin rabbani

On Wednesday, September 21, 2011, everywhere around the world Peace Day was celebrated.
In my country our former President Rabbani was killed in a suicide attack.

Islamabad on 9-11

world trade center

Everyone was afraid and expected war would start in a couple of days. The offices and shops would close; no one would be able to leave their homes. People were trying to buy enough food to feed their families for one month.

Ramadan Kareem

quran rose

We feel the hardness of a life of poverty.
God gives us strength, so we are worthy of this month
I wish it were Ramadan all the year!

Osama’s Breaking News Woke Me

osama tv

It was early morning Monday, the second of May 2011
And it was the fifth day of UN White City.
I was off from work
And in a deep sleep
When I heard my brother’s voice calling my name.
I was not answering him.

My Mother’s Day

woman portrait

When she is home, I feel I have everyone with me.
But now that she’s far away,
I feel no one around me.

Joy and Grief in Rain

heavy rain

When I leave home at morning for my office,
I ask myself, Will I come back alive
to my home this evening? Or not?

For You, Dad

father and daughter

Today as I look at you / I recall our memories together: / Your love for me, so touching, / Your care for me, so kind, / Your encouragement of me, so loving.