Small Reasons Add Up to Becoming a Feminist

two women with boulder

I couldn’t follow the rules, such as wearing a burqa, staying home and doing housework, or skipping school because of a party or guests.

My Country, My Pride

suicide blast in Kabul

The gun’s sound has been the song in our ears
Dead bodies, barefoot children
Women crying, people dying from hunger

Daughter of War

weeping mother with daughter

War took my parents from us
War took my book
And gave me burqa

An Orphan’s Hope

young girl with doll

I wish
a warm house
tranquility, a morsel of bread,
and good memories
were our destiny.



On one side of our country
People with big smiles on their faces
Welcome the warm spring

A Brave Woman


We had an old, gray donkey. I tied my children to my back and started to go to the city alone. It would take one hour to get there. I had my burqa on and my children were on my back underneath my burqa.

The Gift

man in shadow

Your faith in my future,
was the gift you brought from your homeland

Women Must Create Change Themselves


When we change the minds of our sons, we begin to change the world. We can teach our young sons to respect their sisters and mothers and all women.

Beneath the Dust


When I arrived at the orphanage, the tall solider was standing in front of the door with a gun. A blanket covered most of his face, to keep the dust out, but the dust powdered his dark eyebrows.

I Am a Leaf


I am like a dry leaf
in the way of life,
always tying myself to a tree