The Blank Vote

five boys

If you don’t have a candidate, a white vote shows that you are a citizen of Afghanistan and that the fate and future of Afghanistan are important to you.

Mahtab, Victim of Forced Marriage

girl and fire

As a young girl, Mahtab’s biggest fear was that her father would force her to marry a man she did not like, as he had done to her sister.

One Repeat

women walking

All of my days
A sad and endless

Shadow on My Wall

two talibs

As an Afghan girl, my biggest fear is that one day again the Taliban will take control in Afghanistan.

An Afghan Girl’s Feelings About Life

Girl in blue

“My father always says that a woman’s intellect is not complete, so we should not listen to her talk. These ideas hurt me and make me crazy. Why do men think they are the only wise humans?”

An Educated Mother

three schoolgirls

Uneducated mothers expect less from their children; therefore the children expect less of themselves.

A Woman Named Arefah


Perhaps you have read about violence committed against Afghan women in media reports, but the one I’m about to tell you is the worst I’ve ever heard of in Herat province.

The Sheepskin Factory


They are on the job from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., picking apart dirty wool and boiling sheepskins with all kinds of contaminants in it, with bare hands. They earn about 100 Afghani (or $2) per day.

Nameless in Afghanistan

Herat tombstone

Death notices are never issued for women, nor is anyone ever invited to a woman’s funeral. Her name will never appear on her tombstone. Yet men in Afghanistan have many details about them etched onto their graves.

Society Ritual

shadow figure

Our society does not allow us a chance to progress.
When I think of the future
Everywhere is dark.