Raise Your Voice for Women’s Sports

girls playing soccer

The trainer warned her that if she fell again and felt ashamed of herself she would be kicked out of the practice and she would have to run around the gym by herself until the end of training.

Glimpse of Love


With my blind eye,
I rain the words:
I pray for you with my
Rosary, torn like my heart

Is Studying Astronomy an Impossible Wish?


When I look above, I see a different world that I wish I was born in. In this saintly place, I feel that I am Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī, a famous astronomer from centuries ago in my hometown of Ghazni.

Disabled and Poor: The Education Gap

prosthetic legs

We need to provide support for disabled students and teach society to accept them so that they don’t feel excluded but instead can be productive members of society.

Women in Our Economy, part 2

sewing in factory

The economic empowerment of women is not a women’s issue, it is a development issue.

Women in Our Economy

sewing in factory

There is confusion in people’s minds between the tradition and culture forced upon them by the Taliban, and the real Islamic law.

Thirsty Wolves and Love

Sahar Gul

In a far place, in the most remote alleys of Afghanistan, underground, in the corner of a dark room, for a woman prisoner, life means searching for sunshine.

Teach the Children


Women need to change. We must take a good look at ourselves and then, bit by bit, the society will be changed. It is possible for us to change the next generation.

Sky Is the Nest of Swallows

barn swallow

Sometimes I become sad and whisper: “God, I feel so poor not to have a home on any part of your earth!” At once a voice responds: “Don’t be sad. You are more like a swallow than a flower.

An Afghan at the Orooj School

iranian school girls

When we reached the entrance, a security guard looked at us strangely, as if he were wondering where these two Afghans came from, or thinking that we must have lost our way. He did not let us through.