AWWP is my heart book where I can share … my people’s problems without any fear, where I can say the truth. It is the voice of all Afghan women who can’t write here. We write on behalf of them. —Shogofa

Support Afghan women as they bring their words out of the shadows. Your donations pay for

  • A Room Of Their Own: In an undisclosed location in Kabul, the Women’s Writing Hut is an AWWP Internet café and a reading salon. About $1000 covers monthly rent and Internet connection. Additional costs are the library and nighttime travel expenses for writers’ safety. Plans are underway to deepen our presence similarly in Herat.
  • Dari and Pashtu Programs: These include both written and oral history. Your donations pay for translations as well as gathering of oral histories at a current cost of about $150 a month.
  • Laptops & Internet for the Writers: $500 buys a laptop and $300 provides a single month of Internet service for one woman, so that our writers need not walk hours to safely send us their poems and essays.

You can learn more about the Project by reading our FAQs and some highlighted essays and poems.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible. Consider donating in honor of a woman you love. Checks made out to AWWP may be mailed to:

P.O. Box 212
Jericho, VT 05465-0212
A simpler way to donate is through PayPal:


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