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AWWP is a volunteer-based organization and there are many ways to help:

  1. Comment on the women’s work on this site. Many are writing in secret and have to go to great lengths to get their poems, essays and stories to us. They do read and appreciate the feedback.
  2. Make a monthly donation of any size to support the project and its efforts to widen the impact of these women’s voices.
  3. Host a Living Room Fundraiser, which involves sharing these women’s stories with a group of friends, and speaking to someone on the AWWP team via Skype or speakerphone. Our team can help you set up this memorable event.
  4. Sign up for our monthly newsletter, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.
  5. Organize or support an AWWP Presents dramatic reading of these women’s work in your community. Our team can help with this.
  6. Blog about the women’s writing. Then send us an email to let us know.

Our Afghan women writers need your support. Thank you!


  1. Jennifer Erickson says:

    “So often we’re told that women’s stories are unimportant. After all, what does it matter what happens in the main room, in the kitchen, or in the bedroom? Who cares about the relationships between mother, daughter, and sister? A baby’s illness, the sorrows and pains of childbirth, keeping the family together during war, poverty, or even in the best of days are considered small and insignificant compared with the stories of men, who fight against nature to grow their crops, who wage battles to secure their homelands, who struggle to look inward in search of the perfect man. We’re told that men are strong and brave, but I think women know how to endure, accept defeat, and bear physical and mental agony much better than men.” (Shanghai Girls by Lisa See, p. 228) I love this quote, and I feel like it captures the intent of this website. Be inspired!


    The poem on forgiveness was both moving and universal. Well done.

  3. I run workshops in Europe helping people to ‘free their wild words’. I find the work you are doing very inspiring. I’ve written a blog article on my website – to bring attention to your work.
    When we gather to write in the UK and France, we’ll be thinking of anyone and everyone who writes without support or acknowledgment, across the globe.


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