If you are interested in joining AWWP as a writer, please contact us at contact@awwproject.org.

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  1. Daud Razawi says:

    Greetings and happy holidays,
    My name is Daud and I live in Queens, NY.
    I have read through your website and some news article, and let me express my deepest heartfelt admiration for your work.
    As my name might reveal, I am from Afghanistan and speak Farsi/Dari. My education is in economy/business and liberal arts. I have worked in offices and desktop it support. I have translated stories from Farsi into English in the past, and I know a few things about English and Farsi literature.
    With this short background, I wanted to offer any help I can provide to AWWP.
    Please contact me for anything that you need and think I can provide. I would be honored if I can provide any assistance.
    Warm Regards,
    Daud Razawi

  2. I am a published writer, editor and former English teacher. I would be honored to serve a month-long rotation as a mentor. I have considerable experience working with students whose first language is not English.
    If I can be of help, please email me.

  3. Hello! And thank you for your amazing work!

    I am a faculty member at a technical and community college. Although my degree is in English and journalism, and I have taught composition classes, my role here is coordinating co-op placement for design students and teaching career-related courses. However, in my role and service work as a recovering alcoholic, I facilitate a writing group at a residential treatment home for newly recovering addict/alcoholic women. Each week I introduce different writing prompts – a poem, a blog entry, a news article, a short story, etc. When I came across the stories/writings of the Afghan women, I knew my group members would be very responsive…and they were!

    The women are interested in communicating with the writers; I told them I wasn’t sure how we would go about that. But I see here, after exploring the website, that a comment campaign is in order! The residents have very limited internet access; I will have to find out what we can do as a ‘work-around.’ Perhaps I will have them write comments in group and then post for the author on their behalf.

    At any rate, please contact me if there are other ways our group can assist.

  4. Nabila Moradi says:

    I am working as Human Rights Officer but my work’s more focus is on women rights and it will be a honor to me to be part of your excellent effort to do something for women.I am also one of the active member of YLF(Young Leaders Forum) where we have diffiferent kind of social,political and Human Rights activities through being in touch with youth.

  5. I am a published writer, lead writing workshops, and run book groups which emphasize books, primarily fiction, from countries and cultures other than that of the US.

    Please tell me what a mentor’s responsibilities are. I would like to help if I can. My strong suits are memoir and fiction.

  6. gitee mansori says:

    I am a student and i want to be one of member in here. i heard about this from my friends. also i want to write my idea and view about my country. the most important point which i want to write here.
    lack of education in my country( Afghanistan) , Girls can not study or continue their lessons well. short history of my country and more titles.

  7. Alexandra says:

    Hello, I just discovered your project today. I’m a historian and a lawyer (Ph.D. and J.D.). I’ve published widely in history. I would like to volunteer.

  8. gitee mansori says:

    I hope in 2013 Afghan people develop and work hard to build Afghanistan.

  9. i am working in Afghan Civil Society forum organization and i am an sociologist i have researched and want to do about women’s right if i could, it will be a big achievement for me, so i would like to volunteer

  10. Katerina says:

    To promote women rights and equality has always been my top priority. Iam a photojournalist been to Asean and Palestine to cover their side of story and will be an honor if I can contribute to your project. Thanks.

  11. Hannah Croucher says:

    Greetings, AWWP:

    I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Philanthropic Studies, and I hope to soon enroll in a Master’s program for International Development and Gender Roles. My passion is women’s rights, human rights, and the Middle East. I would be honored to volunteer in any way possible. I currently work for the Girl Scouts, the largest girl serving organization in the USA, in central Indiana. Please let me know if I can be of any service to this wonderful organization.

  12. Matiullah Kamran says:

    I am from Afghanistan and I did my Master in Sustainable Development Practice along with that I am a social activist and environmentalist, I would be honored to be volunteer in any way possible to be involved into your humanitarian activities in Afghanistan to help people.


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