What AWWP Means: Our Writers Speak

Today I came from far away to contact the project. 4 hour walk, isn’t it long? Not for my interests of writing, it is not far away, but I need to have a man all the time with me when I come to Kabul. We can’t walk alone here in Logar. It is funny when during the day all people are working with Karzai government and at night all those same people are Talibs. So trust no one. No one knows I am writing except one of my brothers, who encourages me to write whether or not it is good. Thanks for my computer, it works. I am happy. I think I am a mother and the laptop is my child whom I love very much. I do take care of it well. —Tabasom

I took my pen to write and at first I was afraid: what to write? about what? But this was a project to write about everything, and I took the pen; I didn’t write from outside of my heart, I began to write about whatever was in my heart… The writing project gave me a voice, the project gave me courage to appear as a woman, to tell about my life, to share my pains and experiences. I wonder how big the change in my destiny is because of your work and this project. Who would trust an online class, a writing project, to change a destiny and a faith? AWWP gave me the power to feel I am not only a woman; it gave me a title, an Afghan woman “writer.” … I took the pen and I wrote and everything changed. I learned if I stand, everyone will stand, other women in my country will stand. —Roya

I am writing from Farah, a province in western Afghanistan with a low level of education, and still many men do not like that I write and don’t know why I write. They have tried to stop me from writing, but I never gave up. I will do it more and more and show what I’ve tolerated as a woman and how much Afghan people suffer in their lives. I have thousands of words in my heart to tell the world in thanks to the Afghan Women’s Writing Project. —Seeta

AWWP is my heart book where I can share my every moment of life and my people’s problems without any fear, where I can say the truth. AWWP is not only valuable for me. It is the voice of all Afghan women who can’t write here. We write on behalf of them, to share their stories, and to try to show them their value and rights, and by this way to bring peace to our country, which is the dream of all Afghans. —Shogofa

What does AWWP mean to me? That Afghan women can share their opinions freely on the project, that now no one can prohibit them from sharing their ideas with the world. In the past, Afghan women didn’t even have the right to speak with a strange man. This project supports Afghan women by showing they are as important as other women in the world. It shows the world that even though Afghan women faced lots of problems, they didn’t lose their ability or courage. It shows the kindness of American women who spend their precious time working for the development of their Afghan sisters. —Sabira

It is freedom of speech into action! We can speak out about our way of life, our desires and the things we regret or like in our culture, without fear of getting in trouble. It gives people the real picture of what it takes to be an Afghan. It helps the outside world understand Afghan society far better than just hearing the news. It is the voice of Afghanistan. We women in the program are lucky. —B. Fatima A.


  1. Hello! Good will ! I’m admired for this quality . How much difficult to write in english ! It will be interesting if there are also afghani people of culture world involved in this project .
    It seems so different from no war periods for the difference about personal safety,but, really are there places in which moving for women it is every hour possible and approved by social
    opinion ? And social opinion can be the opinion of the people the live under the same roof !
    I hope that women ,even if can be became mother ,can go everywhere at every time .Free like the men . That women can choise if became mother and that can say no to no wanted pregnancy .
    Non can say for an other person if she wants be parent .
    Anywhere it is impossible to say how many lifes have some people . It needs to be very involved in social life .
    Good luck!

  2. PAOLO RIGONI says:

    Even stoning can never undo the power of Magna Mater !!!
    Good Luk !!!

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your experiences!!! i’m really excited about being able to communicate with Afghan women living in so difficult circumstances and still being brave and determined to stand up for their rights! i admire you and send you all my love, courage and strength, specially for Seeta from the province of Farah…DON’T LET ANYONE STOP YOU!!! take care

  4. Keep working, sisters! We are cheering for you!

  5. Sultani says:

    In the name of God!
    As Centuries past no one in afghanistan care about the womens ( no federation or foundation ) as i see today this web site it is starting of screaming and make aware the world that what is the voice of Afghan womens how they dominated and how they suffer !
    My pleasure to have any contact from ur website and don’t hasitate to ask me for any support !

  6. I love visiting this site of stories….this site of life……this site of Afghan Woman in her role of Writer. I would also love to learn of those special times in your country when Joy and Happiness and Laughs are sacred. Please tell us of kite festivals….your songs….your poetry. Thankyou.

  7. Melissa says:

    What a moving project! Thank you all for sharing your words. You’ve touched so many people. Keep writing and let your voices be heard.

  8. Barbara says:

    Dear beautiful women, my friends and sisters,

    We hear you and we want your stories. Thank you for being so brave. Do you realize you are making a difference?

    Please keep writing!

    Sending you peace and love,

  9. Jill Charters says:

    Keep writing and never give up. Sharing your stories will go down in history. Keep it up!!!

  10. Teresa McAleenan says:

    I am so thankful that you women are speaking your truth in all its beauty and anguish; you are all so brave to continue to do this. I hope you feel empowered; your stories are unique; they matter and you are being heard and prayed for. Each time I come to this site, I feel excited and privileged to read your writings; and you are making the Truth shine in the darkness.
    Sincerely, Teresa

  11. I am so excited to have found this site, and to be present as you find your voices and tell your lives. It’s very inspiring to me. Never forget that you are beautiful just as you are, and you have so much to add to the world! Thank you!

  12. Dalton Cash says:

    Tabasom –

    Wow. You have to WALK 4 hours to do something you love and love being a part of. I do not know how many people would do what you do. You face severe punishment if you are caught, and that is inspiring. Often, I take my freedoms that I have the privilege of for granted. Many of the freedoms we have in America are rare. Many of the women who write on here seem to have high education in writing, although many have never had formal education. Also, your voices are loud through your words.

    Sincerely, Dalton

  13. Dalton Cash says:

    Seeta –

    We can not wait for you to put those words to paper. I am amazed by how many women post on here, because it can not be easy to keep a secret and you risk great punishment if caught. Stopping women like you from writing would be a punishment to society. We get to see hear things we would otherwise never be able to hear. I can see why men would want to stop you from writing. It shows a mentally strong person who has the ability to be independent. You are an encouragement to us all who take our liberties in America for granted everyday.
    Sincerely, Dalton

  14. Mary CC says:

    I admire the strength and courage you women display. Please know that you have supporters all over the world. You are not alone.

  15. Sending Afghan women who write support from Tucson, Arizona, USA. Also sending support to Afghan women who do not write or do not read yet . . . the spirit is with all Afghan women to move forward as they like and as is relevant to their lives. Women around the globe are with you.

  16. sending you peace and love from Miami, Florida. Your strength and perseverance is really inspirational. keep telling it from your heart.

  17. Bless you all for writing. I want you to know the world stands with you. Progress for rights is slow, always, but progress is being made. Now the world KNOWS the anguish and suffering and torment you have lived with. The world did not know that a mere ten years ago. Bless you all. Peace.

  18. I can’t thank the women who are writing for Afghan Women’s Writing Project enough for your powerful writings. What you are sharing is so incredibly important! I am doing my best to support you with our Facebook page and group Worldwide Women’s Support Circle and a new page called Global Sisterhood.

    Know that the heart touching, eye and heart opening stories and portrayals of your lives is helping many to see exactly what life in your country is like for women. Your stories have more of an impact that you know. We all must do our part to help raise awareness of the issues, if we are to make the positive changes for all the girls and women of the world.

    I can’t thank those who started and have implemented this awesome program for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project. Thank you all who are giving these women this awesome opportunity.

    May one day soon women everywhere be free to express themselves without fear, and to have a positive life with an education, opportunities, their human rights and most importantly, no more oppression or violence.

    May all be blessed in countless ways!

  19. Sarah Doyle says:

    I am so glad and grateful to hear your voices. Thank you for connecting me to your world. It is so important to be heard, isn’t it?!

    Love to all of you.

  20. I am really glad to have found this link. I am a 62 years old lady very interested in the lifestyle of Afghani women. Go on with your project! Don’t stop. Write, speak and let the whole world know which are the problems in you country for women and above all for girls. I regularly read whnt your writers post and it’s a bit unbelievable for us, living in Europe, to know about such a lack of freedom for women in your country. Personally I am a free woman, I go here and there alone and do what I want or like and would really like that every woman in the world might be the same.
    Have all my solidarity and kind thoughts.

  21. I am so amazed to hear your stories, Women of Afghanistan have a voice but it takes one voice to make another voice speak up. You guys are working so hard, and keep up the hard work because it will be all worth it in the end. Life is hard but to make it easy in the future we have to do something now, and that’s what you are doing. So Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wonderful stories.
    Be Strong, Have courage and your works will make Afghanistan a brighter country in the future.

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