I remember January. A memorable night, round moon, stars shining in the clear sky, and all because I met you for the first time.

I remember February. The cold days when my friends and I were making a snowman on the roof of my house and you came to help us.

I remember March. We became good friends in English class during a debate about money and education.

I remember April. We shared family problems and were not allowed to go out during the nights.

I remember May. Over a small joke about Mullah Nasrudin, we laughed so loudly that our giggles echoed along the bare walls of your house.

I remember June. You gave me the most beautiful birthday gift – a white teddy bear holding a red heart with “Best Friends” written on top.

I remember July. It rained hard, and I was soaking wet in my black and white school uniform. You shared your blue umbrella with me.

I remember August. The wind blew slowly, and we were in the backyard of my home, sharing dreams about our future and about becoming doctors.

I remember September. We had our first fight over which movie to watch.

I remember October. I didn’t see you for a week. I felt as if part of my body were missing.

I remember November. When the Taliban came, you went to Iran and I went to Pakistan. We didn’t even get the chance to say good bye.

I remember December. Tears flooded my eyes because I missed you dearly. I had no choice. But I will always keep your precious memory, my best friend.

By Ellaha