In the bright sun and sky, the wind is a desirable sound.
From my balcony, I gaze outside—
I feel alone,
I see flowers in the courtyard and sometimes I see the door.

I hope to see a person.
My heart beats and I worry.
I come down from the balcony
and take a bucket full of water for the flowers so that they won’t wither.

When I near each bush, sparrows sing and fly away.
And I am frightened.
A long time passes and I hear
the phone ring.

I stand with difficulty, run to the room, limping, hurrying,
but the sound is stopped.
I wait for the next ring—
slowly the sky darkens, I want to make dinner—

The phone is ringing.

Immediately I answer it. It is my mother’s voice:
“Now you’re to be alone.”

By Yalda J.

AP Photo/Musadeq Sadeq