camil tulcan mirror

I stand tall and promise my new year resolution
I will end this lonely moment
I shiver but no one is there to give their coat
This loneliness is what I want to describe

Something unwanted
A bird with no nest
A heart without love
This loneliness is worse than air with no oxygen

A mirror without reflection
Stop time which never passes
Darker than prison darkness
This loneliness is brighter than sun brightness

It’s music without a tune
A thorn without a flower
A tree without fruit
This loneliness is cancer without operation.

It is hotter than hot coal, colder than ice
A book with no words
A lock without key
This loneliness is a sunken ship.

It’s a tower without a door
A statue
A pen without paper
This loneliness is a pool with no water.

I want to describe it more,
I run out of ink,
I squeeze the pen in my hand,
I scream, shout, cry
As loud as thunder that shakes in the sky.

Still no one can hear me
There are no warm hugs
There is no beloved one
There is no one to understand me, feel and kiss my forehead.

I realize my hand is bleeding,
I continue writing with blood

My hands are colder as it’s snowing
I continue writing.

By Farahnaz

Photo by Camil Tulcan