sunrise over desert

When I think of the days you shined on me,
how happy I was to be in a small house
happy to run off sometimes
walk to school, see friends
sing a song or dance.

Without you
my happiness is gone
I can’t find my loved ones
I am left in the cold land of storms.

I want back my green land
Where are you, Sun?
Please come back to me
Bring back the mercy and love
That thrives in your warmth.

I am forgotten in the cold and dark,
waiting for the kind face of the sun,
waiting to shake hands with its warm light,
the light that takes away the pain.

Where are you?
I need you Sun. Come soon!
Bring back my family,
my mother’s love, my father’s hands
I tire of waiting for my destiny.

By Shafiqa

Photo by Brad Hutsell