Plant the tree of friendship, that to fruit, the heart’s desire brings:
Unpluck the bush of enmity, which countless trouble brings.

We have such a short time to do this good work,
to forgive each other’s small mistakes,
to pay attention to positive points.
We must practice being good people, and
destroy the lens of pessimism in our eyes,
and see the facts of life.
Why are we born to this world,
what are our plans for this life?
Are they the destruction or betterment of our world?
I try to smile. I don’t have money, power,
or authority, but I have God who gave me
A mouth with lips for smiling. I have language for speaking.
I can use them for good,
to carry messages of peace and love and forgiveness.
I can smile to grow the root of the friendship tree.
We have such short time to do good work.
Let’s hurry.

By Nasima

This work was supported by the Fetzer Institute.