I am Shahida
Sister to four smart kind brothers and a beautiful little sister
First daughter of parents proud all their children will be educated

I hear how well my teacher speaks English
and I see how fast my friend Maryam types
and I wonder if I will succeed in my own life
I am Shahida

I dream that I am a professor teaching mathematics
I want to be a cancer doctor
I worry about being a good student
I am Shahida

I feel if my grandmother and grandfather are fine,  I will be happy
I cried when my father was sick
I try to understand and help my friends when they are sad
I am Shahida

I dream that I can touch the sky
and fly like Harry Potter
I hope to be a leader in the future
I am Shahida

By Shahida, age 13

Photo by Phil Borges; graphics by Blatman Design.