Shayesta is a housewife from Herat.

You ask me does love have an important role in my life? Yes, of course! Love is an important need and love has many functions in life. We can show love and receive love in many ways, but respecting others through recognition and understanding is one way that we can express love.

Love is important everywhere, but particularly in a family. A family that loves each other and respects its elders will be a well organized family. Love begins in the family and brings joy and happiness.

If every place began with love and sincerity, the workplace and our society would be a very good place to live.

Kindness is also a big part of life. Everyone has to be kind, compassionate, gentle and good-hearted in every task—in speech, in the workplace, or as a student. 

I have loved with my heart and I have received kindness. After Allah, the kindest and most caring people in my life are my parents and some friends.

We talk about forgiveness. Humans are never devoid of mistakes, but some people can always turn a blind eye to our faults. This is so they can have a faultless future. These people are forgiving and gentle.

It is very important to hear stories in childhood from your family. Listening to stories from my mother was very crucial in my childhood. Stories calm down a child’s spirit and soul.

By Shayesta as told to Leeda

This work was sponsored by the Fetzer Institute.