Bahara is a housewife with two children in Kabul.

I think love is a word that you can feel, even if you don’t say it. We can show our love by respecting, trusting, and believing. Love is the first pillar in life and without love no one can live.

Love is crucial in a family because if there is no love, there can be no confidence or reliance. Conditions will be rough in the family. If a wife doesn’t have a good manner with her husband, they can’t nurture their children because parents set the examples for their children. If there is no love between parents, the children will always feel lonely and will be led astray.

If we look at human creation in the first place, God created love and kindness between people. We can say that love is the first skill of life.

With love, humans can realize the real meaning of life. Friendship is the pillar of our relationships and leads to love. It starts in the family and reaches to the way we treat people in society. If there is no friendship in the work place, tasks won’t be performed well.

With more kindness, we could have a good life. Everyone would be compassionate and with gentleness and forgiveness we could solve most of our issues.

One of the tasks of life is to have a sense of compassion and forgiveness. Sincerity and forgiveness just happens—for example, once I paid the taxi for a friend of mine who had no money. Every human can recognize both good and bad points of their lives and see who has shown great heartedness.

By Bahara as told to Fowzia