It is very difficult for a young woman to be a photojournalist in Afghanistan. Every day I face many problems in the city while taking photos. The male journalists make problems for me. They want me to stop taking photos. But I will never give up my job.

I want to show the world the problems of women in Afghanistan. I believe that one photo can say more than one hundred pages. I want to continue my work so I can change the old ideas and break the old culture. I want to show that a young Afghan woman can be a journalist and can do work that is better than men.

I will never stop taking photos, because it is not just a job for me. It was my childhood wish. I am full of joy when I take photos.

By Leeda

He is a baker

Baking bread in the blazing tandoori oven in Herat.


Herat citadel

The ancient Citadel of Herat. It has been destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries.


Street children in Kabul in the Skatistan Program

Street girls skateboarding with the Afghanistan Skateistan program.


Two sisters participate attend the International Day of Elimination Violence Against Women Celebration

Two sisters brought their baby to a program for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence.


Women during carpet weaving in Herat province

These three women learn the intricacies of carpet weaving at a training program in Herat.


Zahera is one of the student of curtain Sewing

Zahera is learning to sew curtains. After six months she can run her own business.