praying at grave

Poor Khadija was waiting for her fiancé to come and speak with her about their wedding party. Suddenly everything changed and over a small dispute, Hamed, her fiancé, killed her by knife. Khadija died when she was still very young and had lots of hope for her future life.

Khadija was engaged to Hamed for three years, but because of high expenses they could not afford to hold a wedding party. Khadija‘s father was a serious and angry man. He wanted his son-in-law to hold a big wedding party for him and he thought he should buy lots of jewelry for his fiancé. Hamed was from a poor family and they could not afford a big wedding party. Because of that, the couple stayed engaged for three years. In Afghanistan it is very bad when someone stays engaged for more than six months or at most a year.

It was a normal day. Hamed went to his father-in-law and asked him to let them hold a small party. But his father-in-law become angry at Hamed and spoke badly to him. 

“After three years you want to hold a small wedding party? If you don’t have this ability then why did you want to get married? You should work hard and find money. You have to hold a big party wedding for my daughter. You should make a separate life for my daughter and you should buy lots of jewelry for her. If you don’t have money then you don’t need to get married; you have to wait more years.”

Hamed was very angry. He went to Khadija and they talked. Khadija was crying and said, “How many more years should I stay here when you can’t provide some money for our future life?”

At that moment her father came in, and told Khadija, “You are a foolish girl. You are crying because of a lazy fiancé.”

Hamed lost control and took a knife and stabbed Khadija. When Khadija‘s father tried to help his daughter, Hamed stabbed him too. Then he injured Khadija’s mother, and killed himself.

Because of our bad cultural practices, Hamed ruined many lives. There are many Afghan families facing these problems. It is a result of the low level of education. If Khadija’s father were educated, he would not demand an impossible wedding party from Hamed. When Hamed did this terrible action, it was because he saw all the doors close in front of him. He couldn’t do anything, so he killed himself and his fiancée.

By Leeda

Photo by Allauddin Khan.