I have a dream that one day the streets of Kabul will be washed by rain and water, not by the blood of those who sacrifice themselves for peace.

I have a dream that one day Afghanistan will have female presidents and they will not be judged by their sex, but by their intelligence.

I have a dream that one day Afghanistan will have factories that make steel and other countries won’t come to Afghanistan and steal our minerals.

I have a dream that each kid in my country can go to school, whether they are girls or boys.

In twenty years, I want to be a successful writer. I would like to write like the famous writers of books in the school library—books that make me read until the middle of night, like “City of Ember” by Jeanne DuPrau. It almost made me late for school.

I want to be an author whose books will be simple to understand, but huge in size and readers will read a bit and then want to read more and more. And from my books they will know about Afghanistan, what problems we faced and how war was normal for us.

After I write books about Afghanistan and many other stories, I want my family to be proud of me. 

I want each member of my family to be educated and think deeply about how to make a peaceful Afghanistan. I want each family in Afghanistan to live in peace and I don’t want their sons to die sacrificing themselves for peace in this country.

I don’t want the Taliban to come back. I don’t want to forget my dreams. I pray for God not to bring back those people who misuse the name of Islam.

By Asma M., age 13