Don’t address me as sia sar!
I love other colors, too
Red, green, and blue

This is why I dream
Of wearing colors
Don’t call me hamshira!

But alas
You stole my name,
On the streets

You are disrespectful
Address me
By my own name

I am neither blackhead
Nor your hamshira
I am a mother, sister, wife, friend

You address my sisters
My mother and my grandmother
By curse names you chose

You called them anything you wished
And put them in earth’s hell
But be cautious!

You cannot do this to me
I am a girl, an Afghan girl
A girl of a new generation

I won’t let you be my lord
I am ready to lose things
And sustain the toughest pains

I have been raised by my lovely family
So that I don’t feel weak and miserable
In front of bad men wearing turbans

I will grab my rights
Even while there are wolves’
Claws all around me.

Listen to what I say:
I am strong, respectful, brave, and honorable
I am tired

Of being forgotten
Throughout years of history
Respect me

I have an identity
I have a name

By Halima