Kabul— I am 30, I am Shayma and I live in Taimany Square and my problem during Ramadan is the economy. We don’t have anything to eat, not even a package of dates, so we break our fast with a glass of water.

Before Ramadan the prices were cheaper. But during Ramadan everything is very expensive. I’m a sweeper and I have to pay 2500 Afg for my house rent. I have four children and my husband was an addict and has left us.

My children go to school but I cannot buy them any school supplies. With the money I earn I can feed my children only.

What really hurts most is that while other household’s napkins are filled with good foods during Ramadan, sadly we don’t have even one napkin full.

One packet of dates is 80 Afg and we can’t buy it. We cannot even afford vegetables now.

We spend the holy month of Ramadan by praying that God save us from this misery.

I hope those people who are investing in other countries, despite the poor people in their own country will help us. By helping the poor, people will keep Allah happy.

By Shayma as told to Zohra N.