Kabul— I am Setara and this is the first time that I am pregnant. I am 24. Our economic situation is not very good so I don’t go to the doctor unless I have a problem. I don’t eat anything special for nutrition. I eat whatever we have.

Some women deliver the baby at home and some say it is better in the hospital because the cleanliness is better. My idea is to deliver my child in hospital, but I have heard from my neighbors that the doctors do not behave well with them even when in a dire situation. I think doctors should help mothers so that their children will be born healthy.

I don’t know how many children I will have. We have not planned that, but my husband and my family all want the baby to be a boy, so I want it be a boy as well. Mostly in Afghanistan they give more value to boys.

By Setara as told to Zohra N.