In the long sunny days of summer, Almighty Allah gives us strength. We get up around 2:00 in the nighttime to eat before 3:00 and when the dawn comes we stop eating and offer prayers and recite the Holy Quran.

With strength, it is possible to work all the day without eating or drinking. We are doing it. But our bodies need different proteins and vitamins before we fast. When we break the fast after 7 p.m. the Iftar all depends on what kinds of preparations the family prefers.

At my home, I manage the Iftar napkin by making qabli, qorma, soup, and sometimes bolani or sometimes chabli kabab or pakawra. Besides this we have juice and lemon water, yogurt, dates, and different fruits. I like to make different delicious foods every day.

I am excited when Iftar time comes. I always pray in the last minutes because this is when Allah accepts our prayers.

Many people in Kabul give charity to poor people during Ramadan. Because we are Muslim and it’s a month of prayer and forgiveness for our sins we do feel the hunger of those poor people who don’t have anything to eat, not only in Ramadan also in other months. We are facing high prices in the market because of the elections. May Allah give us power to bear and go ahead.