All this arguing over the elections is taking up our time and making our land a hell for all of us. We had concerns about the security of the elections to begin with, but the voting is over and it’s time to declare a winner. Every game has a winner and loser, but in this case the players are not satisfied.

After the voting in June, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah did not accept the vote count and said he would fight on behalf of the people’s vote. Why does he think we want him to fight on our behalf? He cut his relations with the Independent Election Commission and refused to listen to them. Over on the other side we have Dr. Ashraf Ghani who says he is “not okay” with the idea of fraud. And he waits quietly for the announcement of the results.

Instead of tending to their own lives, families are arguing over the candidates. In fact for years friends have been fighting with each other because of these two candidates. I have seen friendships end over them. There has been some serious fighting over this at the universities and social media like Facebook are full of these kind of abuses and photos of the two men.

Now Dr. Abdullah has decided to listen to John Kerry. What did Mr. Kerry say that made Dr. Abdullah all of a sudden agree to wait for the Elections Commission to declare the results? There are rumors the government is falling apart and some say that something was promised to Dr. Abdullah to calm him down. But according to the rule of law and the rules of the game: when the winner is declared, the other one has to respect the result. While we wait, the Ministry of Education has declared holidays and closed all the schools and universities.

They do not realize how far behind we are and how much further behind we will get. Girls like me want our universities to reopen. We want peace. We want to be happy and that is all we want.

By Farahnaz R.