Almost anything I do is bad here,
not because it’s wrong
but because I’m am a woman

Almost everything I do is good,
But only if I am a man

I can fall in love
      And leave when I tire of it
I can smoke while walking freely
under the rain,
I can have hundreds of friends of all types,
walk late at night, marry who I want
study anything I want.
I can do anything I wish
If I am a man.

If I am a woman,
I can also fall in love,
      And be punished for it.
I can also smoke under the rain,
      And be called bitch.
I can have many friends
      And put up with the bad looks and sneers
I can walk at night
      And ignore the strangers who touch me
I can choose my own husband
      And be abandoned by my family
I can study what I want
      And face loneliness.

If I am a woman
I can do anything I want
      If I am strong and willing
      to pay for it.

By Masooma