I am Shahida
Sister to four smart and kind brothers and a beautiful little sister
First daughter of parents proud that all their children will be educated
I am succeeding in my life
I hear the world talking
I see my classmates connecting with mentors abroad
I want to be a doctor who can heal
And a lawyer who gives rights to women
I practice mathematics and chemistry
(a+b)c, (5+6) x (4-1)
H2o, H, Co2

I feel thankful for my family believes in my dreams
My heart is full of joy
I worry about Afghanistan
Education, women’s rights and conflict
I understand my friends at school and I
tutor them in math, English and Pashto
I say to my mother
“I am your first educated daughter
I still dream that I can fly like Harry Potter
I am a strong young woman
I hope to be a leader wherever I may be”
I am proud to be Shahida

By Shahida, age 15

(Part 1 is here)

Photo by Prab Bhatia