Mahtab is a widow with four daughters.

Kabul— I have not heard about human rights. I am just a poor woman. I have four children; they are all girls, I have no son to work and make money for us. I don’t have a home to live in. One of my daughters is married, but the other three are not married. Human rights has no meaning for me. No one brought me to the human rights to listen to me and to help me. My father-in-law had two sons and both of them were killed. My husband went to Iran to work and make money, but he died in Iran in a car accident. The son of my husband’s brother died as a child when he burned himself with boiled water. My mother-in-law died as a result of too much pressure, pain, and depression. The responsibility of my family and my husband’s brother’s family is on me.

I haven’t heard about human rights. I am a very poor woman who doesn’t have anyone to help me. I am not able to pay the expenses of my big family. I can only feed them less. There is no one to help me and support me through human rights.

From the government I expect peace and security. I hope the government will make a peaceful environment for us so that our children have a bright and peaceful life.

Because I am a woman and I have no son, I cannot go to find my rights. I can’t do it alone by myself. But I want my children to have rights and to find information about their rights and to get educated and make a better future for themselves.

I only have God in my life and there is no one else.

By Mahtab as told to Humira

Photo: Canada in Afghanistan/Zakarya Gulistani