Mizgan is 23, married with three children, and is an educated teacher.

Kandahar– In Afghanistan everyone is involved with human rights problems. No man or woman is comfortable and even our children do not have their rights.

Our hearts are full of blood from the bad stories that we hear from the media or from common people, how our brothers were taken from Kabul to Kandahar by the Taliban and their heads were cut off of their bodies, or the Taliban carried them away to an unknown place, and maybe they are alive or maybe not.

It is disaster. What is right and where are the rights?

Fortunately I am from an educated family. We have studied and we have information about our personal and social rights. If we encounter human rights problems we consult with wise persons. If the Human Rights Commission workers or other organizations hear our voice and change things, this would be nice for people.

Human rights starts with us. If every member of my homeland knows their rights and does not step on others’ rights and does not let others put their feet on his or her rights, we can have peace. But this is not possible because in Afghanistan lots of people are uneducated. They do not have information about human rights, but live in darkness and bad situations. Social media, TV, and radio can give information about human rights.

From Allah, I wish that men and women can solve these problems. Men and women have equal rights even in Islam, so why are we still fighting for rights? I ask the Human Right Commission to change the propaganda and promise to act in a way that our people can trust in them and take their work seriously.

By Mizgan as told to Fatima

Photo: Canada in Afghanistan/Zakarya Gulistani