Fatima is an illiterate housewife, age 43. Married with one son and one daughter, she lives in Abdul Khil.

Jalalabad— Human rights are a way for women to seek their rights. But having human rights does not work at all in Afghanistan. If it did, then the rights of women would be clear. I believe all rights given to men should also be given to women.

Human rights are the identity of a human. Take a look at women living in cities and compare them to women living in rural areas. There are so many differences between them. In the rural areas there either are no schools, or women are banned from schools. There are no clinics and hospitals where women can go for treatment, or to work.

Why should illiterate people stay at home? We expect equality between the rights of women living in cities and women who are living in rural areas.

Women should have the right to work, not just at home, but outside or in offices. There is a quote which says, “Women in home means women in grave.” If there is no one listening to us we will never be able to struggle for our rights.

Thank you dear sister. Thank you for listening to our voices.

By Fatima as told to Tasala

Photo: Canada in Afghanistan/Zakarya Gulistani