One night long ago I lay awake thinking of a dream about to come true. I was so excited I could not sleep.  Minutes turned to hours as the clock ticked loudly through the long dark night.

The sky was serene with stars. It was as if they had been looking at the earth for years and had never gotten bored. Finally the night changed to morning, the shiny stars closed their eyes, and the voice of azan, the call to prayer, could be heard from different places. 

The reason for my excitement was just a tiny picture. My father promised to take me to get my photograph taken in a studio and that I would get a small photo card. It was the first time I would have my photograph taken. 

I dressed in the clothes my mother had picked out for me and I combed my hair. I had to ride on the back of my father’s bicycle because the studio was far away from our house. Finally we got to the shop and the photographer took a photo of me. He said he would have the photo ready in two weeks. 

That was a long time to wait, but finally the two weeks passed and several times that morning I reminded my father to not forget my photo. From morning to night I waited for my dad. When he came home he was tired and tense. I thought it was his work, but I was wrong; he had lost his wallet! 

Oh, miserable me! My photo was in his wallet. I was sad. My dream had vanished. The days passed, but the wallet was not found. I waited and waited, but my wish did not come true. Time passed.  I finished high school, then university, and then I got a job.

One sunny, cool summer day, I was busy working in my quiet office when there was a knock at my door. The sound broke the calmness. The servant opened the door and brought in some magazines and newspapers and put them on my desk. I picked up one of the magazines. It was beautiful. I was turning the pages when a photo caught my attention.

It was the photo of a small girl.  I stared at it, and saw something in it I recognized. Oh my God, it was my lost childhood photo.  I laughed and laughed. The magazine had made my dream true.

By Beheshta

Photo by Infidelic