Ramadan is a month of faith, blessings, and harmony in Islam. A person of faith is expected to fast from before sunrise to after sunset. We started Ramadan this year on June 18, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, and we are fasting this year from about 3:00 in the morning to 7:15 at night.

Ramadan is a lunar month, so it revolves from season to season as the years pass. Muslims wait anxiously for this month and make their plans. Some people plan to make the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Others plan for giving charity to the poor or   undertake group prayers or other good deeds as they seek as much benefit of this month for the blessings.

The main purpose of fasting is to feel the miseries of the poor, those who have nothing to eat and drink for many days. The charity encourages the rich to help the poor.  

When we fast it feels as if a special kind of patience has surrounded us. We feel contented with what we have to eat, to drink, to wear. We are content with our wealth and worldly desires. Lust gets put aside as we think more about others who have a lower economic status. 

During Ramadan, if one thinks of a wrongdoing, a theft, a lie or of harming someone, there is a feeling that someone at the back of the mind has control and will not let us to commit anything wrong. There is a feeling of happiness and joy in one’s heart whereby one spontaneously shouts “Thank you God” for all that he has gifted us in our lives—our health, our family, our jobs and our humanity.

We cry for the known and unknown sins that we have committed and seek forgiveness from God for all our wrongdoings. 

In one’s soul, it feels as if we have been purified, that God is happy with us and is guiding us well to preach, pray, and seek his forgiveness.

Conflict, wars, and bloodshed are forbidden in this holy month of Ramadan in Islam.

Therefore in all of the Islamic world this month should bring unity, brotherhood, and support for each other. However, the present world has not really respected the religion of Islam, and we see many conflicts during this month in different parts of the Islamic world.

There is also a special night by the name of Shab-i-Qadr—Shab means night and Qadr means destiny—during the last ten days of this holy month. Everyone prays at night and seeks forgiveness during the day to earn this night.

In our Holy Qur’an it is mentioned that this night is full of blessings, that angels will come down from the sky and no prayer will be rejected this night. But it is also mentioned that only those who do good can attain this night.

This is my Ramadan wish: May Allah provide peace and serenity to all humanity in this world so that all can live happily and enjoy the true teachings of their lord on this earth…. Amen. 

By Saifora

Photo by Marviikad