I love surprises. The biggest surprise of my life was during eleventh grade. It was my fifteenth birthday and my lovely mother said, “Today I am coming home late from work and I cannot celebrate your birthday.”

I said “Okay.” But I was angry and upset.

Later that day I was in my room doing my homework. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. My mother walked in with a big, delicious chocolate cake. I was so surprised. 

My mother looks like a princess to me and she is my best friend as well. When I have problems she solves them easily. She always has good advice for me. My favourite times with her are when we are cooking together in kitchen, sharing jokes, eating pizza, our favourite dish. We are a support system for each other and it increases our love and our friendship.

Life is a gift full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises. Sometimes that beauty is too much for me to handle. But one of the most beneficial gifts we can give to ourselves sometimes is allowing ourselves to be surprised! It’s a good thing to have surprises and wishes.

Wish, wish, wish … even the word wish looks and sounds interesting. Everyone has wishes and hopes all the time, in every situation, good or bad, happy or angry. What’s really important is that everyone has her own wishes. We must have wishes for our hopes to come true.

For example, when I was in twelfth grade, I decided I wanted to learn two languages, English and German. I wanted to be an ambassador in Germany and to work in the foreign ministry. I just love the foreign ministry building.  My biggest wish for my life is to finish studying, get my master’s degree in German literature, and then I want to work as a translator. If all these wishes come true I will have the brightest future.

By Masooda S.