This is our country, Afghanistan in 2015
Look at our rules, beliefs, and laws
It makes no place for you, who must die

Farkhunda suffered like you
Such cruelty, the inhumanity
Against you Rukhshana

Every stone thrown at your
Innocent body
Breaks our country

Those stupid hands
You begged them Please stop
Those hands are full of dark sins Rukhshana

The mullahs in the mosques
Committing sexual abuse in the corners
Blame their sins and faults on you

We watch those mullahs
We hear
Your screams Rukhshana

I died, my sister, when I saw you
Became speechless hearing you scream
Please don’t kill me this way

If God had ears that day
He would say Don’t throw a stone
At the head of Rukhshana

I wonder about those in power in my country
How they touch the bodies of their wives
How they look in the eyes of their sisters
How can they take the hands of their daughters

When I close my eyes in pain
I cry blood for Rukhshana
Against the mullahs, the ignorant judges
The Taliban and ISIS

They and their prophet
Are my enemy and yours
May your soul be in peace Rukhshana!

By Pari

Photo: Eric Kanalstein / UNAMA