Is it the sixteenth day?
Is this the day to remove violence against women?
What did I do against you?
You voted to stone me
And left my body
In the grave of violence
Oh Men!
Why do you consider me a shame?
Why do you think it is me who made a mistake?
Why do you treat me as a donkey?
Oh Men!
I am not inhuman like you 
I have never heard a kind word from you
I am Shukria from Zabul; you beheaded me
I am Farkhunda from Kabul; you killed me
I am Rukhshana from Ghor; you stoned me
This is your fault! You are selfish !
Selfish men, I am not your property
I will not let you commit violence against me
My tired voice will become louder and louder
I will become stronger than ever
You can’t imprison me any more.

By Shala

Translated from Dari by Pari. Photo: Eric Kanalstein / UNAMA