We are human
The same
I don’t know
How your violence came

We’re the same
In body structure
One God
Two beautiful eyes
With arching brows
Our two hard working hands
Together with our two strong legs

But how this difference?
Where did your violence start?
Why do you want to kill me inside?
Why do you treat me like an animal?
Why do you not give me value?
Why, why, why

If we are both from
The same earth
Both of us human

Nothing can isolate me from you
Please think deeply
Stop this violence against me!

We are as sisters
And brothers

When you kill
Blame me

You do not increase your worth
But decrease your prize

I will become a ghost in your dream
You will never see happy days
Never enjoy your life
Your life falling
Mine in heaven

You killed me
I was without sins

We are both human
Let’s be kind
With each other

By S Anonymous

Photo: Eric Kanalstein / UNAMA