We live in a country where we spend every second of life waiting for death. We are not sure what will happen from one minute to the next and sometimes we do not even know what to do because we are not sure that we still will be alive. This is Afghanistan.

My country is like no other country in the world. The Taliban stop the cars on the highways between Kabul and Bamiyan and from Bamiyan to Kabul. They hit and hurt, kill, behead and steal the money and belongings of passengers. No one travels along these roads if they can afford to pay for plane tickets. Throughout the provinces of Afghanistan, especially in Kandahar, Ghor, Herat, Kabul, and Baghlan, we are having suicide bombing attacks and explosions.

During the terrible nights of this war we sit down to watch the television news, hoping to hear about something peaceful and usually we get just the opposite. My God! Living in peace in Afghanistan feels like a dream, a dream sweeter than eating and drinking. In this environment no one thinks about other rights such as education, marriage, or free speech. The only right we think about constantly is the right to live.

Because of three decades of war, Afghan people got used to the violence of the Taliban. When President Karzai came into office, there were hopes for a while. But the dark period returned with the governing of President Ghani. All the speeches make my heart hurt. The citizens of Afghanistan are worried and tired of war and violence. But our government is blind to the problems and deaf to our voices.

In the last decade we felt we might live and die in peace. We all understood the meaning of peace. But our hopes have not lasted. We can’t feel even a little peaceful. We cannot go outside or attend school or go to the bazaar. When will this fighting end? When will we taste the sweetness of peace?

By Sharifa

ISAF Photo by US Air Force Tech Sergeant Brenda Nipper