In seconds, my eyes pass through 
a dark and scary well 
where my heart says
it is the place you live
and the well says, you 
are captured inside me,
and you can’t escape, can’t
run out of here—
there’s  only one way out:
To die!

And suddenly, my eyes open,
and I see the sun shining.   
I hear the sweet sound of birds,
and feel the kindness of my family;
then, I repeat to myself
no, no, no…
This is not a well of darkness;
it is a colorful garden
with different trees
various fruits
and colorful colors, 
and I have unique responsibilities 
in this colorful garden, in this world
with all its small and tall trees, with its people
and their various fruits, with my children
and their colorful colors—their cultures 

As woman, I train my children, 
and my children turn to people,
people who build the world
and create many cultures.
Now, help me to remove
darkness from my heart—
let’s spread this message to other women: 

“We could change the world, as no one else”
because we are the first
teachers and trainers,
we… are the changers!

By Sharifa 

Photo by ukgardenphotos