Unknown Voice!
You disappeared in the quiet time!
You went roving from your home
Gone from your family
What does the rest of the world know about you?

Who are you? When were you born?
Why weren’t you born in your land?
Why weren’t you able to deal with
your problems at home?
What happened?

Their words called you poor.
Your answer: “I am not poor.
I lost the way to
reach my dreams of peace!”
Life is not money.

“Do you love mountain climbing?”
“My land is the Hindu Kush Mountains”
Asked again:
“Who are you who walked to our land?”

Who understands the concept of life?
They don’t know that you
Left your life, your land
I do not worship racism.
I find myself in all human beings.

Call me Human.
Let me shake your hand
Embrace my heart
Believe in who I am.

By Nasima

Photo of Hindu Kush by Matt Saunders.